Hey There ... Anyone?

so i just shockingly realised that my last post is 6 months old an that is just not accaptable at all! and it is even more shocking because the last post was a "coming soon" post. so i just wanted to update you guys, if there are any of you left … 

i will still post the basic bitch article but as i quickly realisde it's to big of a thing for just on post so i will just devide the whole thing. the next month will still be pretty busy for me so i can't promise anything. right now i'm just not able to follow all the developments on stardoll. i'm still not giving up on this blog though. i still enjoy spending time on stardoll but i'm not as active in the community as i used to be. however every now and than i want to talk about stardoll releated stuff and this blog is my plattform to do so and thats why even if i haven't posted in 6 months i'm still interested in uploading posts. i just never really know when i will have the time. 

that being sad i hope you enjoy the beginning of tribute season on stardoll. i have to admit i like what stardoll did there. the items look amazingly detailed! so if i where you i wouldn't miss out on it ;) 

see you soon