Whoomp There It Is!

I had some time left after my daily morning rutine so i thought why not check stardoll and see if anything exciting has happend. which is almost never the case but i said to myself "lets not give up hope" and this time there even where something mildly exciting: the new callies picks store (yeay …). however when i "walked" into the store my normal callies picks excitment briefly rose as the first thing i saw was an old classic and by old i mean really old.

there it was, dangling from a lifeless arm of a dummy – the f**** ashley bag (excuse my languge). a bag which at one point in stardoll history has driven so many people mad and now it just is part of this mostly unexciting boring callies picks store. people who are newer to stardoll may not even know the importance of this bag. they may even never heard of the burning anger half of dollywood felt when stardoll banished its likes from the bazaar what many assume was an act of desperation as the bag was the reason for a vast amount of rule violations. for me finding this bag in a stardolls version of a very pricey and overrated vintage store was like finding a chanle 2.55 in my local thrift store. maybe i'm overreacting but i really lost my shit for a second when i saw it. did you guys had the same response or was it just me? i for one bought it without thinking to long about it. with 23 sd it's kind of expensive but considering the amount of sd other people payed back in the day i though it was a very very very good deal. i recommend you to buy this bag even if you think it's too expensive believe me buy it and you will free yourself from tons of pain after it's out of the plaza again and everybody who hasn't bought it (for some reason) decides to get it from the bazaar. 

so stardoll if you're reading this maybe also bring back the rest of the mary kate and ashley pieces i mean just ignore all the hate people who bought them for embarrassing high prices will give you (most of them probably have left stardoll long ago) and  put them out there. i mean come on just do it!

so long




this one is so so so late. i had this post in my queue for ages but never managed to finish it. long story short here it is (yeay).

some of you may remember the gift-o-meter we had during easter. i have to admit it was one of the better ones. still i'm not fond of the whole concept behind those meters. don't really see the point in buying clothes to get clothes for free if i only get them if i spend a certain amount of money because then i could've just bought them.

streetstyle has already become a big part of fashion weeks all over the world. the show before the show is a good way to take a look at how the professional fashion victims style the items we see on the catwalk. hundrets of photographers are trying to get the perfect pictures of style icons like anna della russo, the beckerman twinsleandra medine and many more.

of course stardoll is aware of this development in the fashion world and took it upon themself to give us the oppertunity to recreate some of the streetstyle looks seen outside the shows from fall 2015. the looks used as bluprints for the clothes we could get – during the easter gift-o-meter – where captured by my all time favourite streetstyle photographer tommy ton. if this name doesn't ring a bell i strongly recommend checking him out.

i didn't get all the things from the gift-o-meter as i'm not whilling to spend more stardollars as i want only to get all the items from a gift-o-meter (duh!). but the ones i got are shown in the picture below.


i totally fell inlove with the jeans, which also where the first items i recognized because i had seen them in a street style look shot by tommy ton.

the bag (gift for spending 15 sd)

the lether ankle boots (gift for spending 25 sd)

a sparkly turtleneck plus the vest  (gift for spending 40 sd)

a pair of momjeans (gift for spending 55 sd)
the cape (gift for spending 160 sd)

black bag (gift for spending 100 sd)

brow leather jacket or dress (gift for spending 140 sd)

space inspired valentino dress (gift for spending 200 sd)

these are all the original items i could find. i really like the fact that stardoll took pieces from these street style looks and made them part of dollywood. these women really have a great sence in fashion and its nice to have a part of their wardrobe at our hands. so i hope stardoll will do something like this again. i would totally freak out if one day they would open a store inspired by streetstyle looks … … … … … who am i kidding that is never going to happen but a girl can dream can't she?

so long