Street Smart 1#

like the legendary TOMMY TON (the don of street style photography) i grabed my camera and took a little walk around dollywood to see if i could catch some great looking fashionistas.

this is just a little new segment to keep the blog a bit more lively and updated and to see what trends have found there way into our little online fashion community.  there will be no comments from me. just some inspirational looks made by talented SD users.





so long


Witchcraft /get the look/

so i already did a get the look called teenwitch but i thought about taking a second look at "witchfshion". i named this get the look post witchcraft because the look i'm going to show you is mainly inspired by the popular horror series AMERICAN HORROR STORY especially the third season AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN. in this season the show is focusing on a modern witch coven and all its mysterious secrets. i'm kind of easily scared by horror movies that's why i simply don't watch them. but i'm some how facinated by witches and all those morbid things around them. so i pulled myself together and start watching this season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

immediately i was impressed by the visiual look of the show and i love the fashion in it. the clothes worn by the modern witches are exaclty how i would dress up a witch living in our society. we see lots of black and lace, silk and ridiculously cool umbrellas. but bevore i keep talking about it feel free to watch the trailer below. try to catch up with the mood so you can enjoy this post even more.

now you may have a better understanding about what i'm talking. the interesting thing about this kind of fashion is that you can be dramatic and simple at the same time. for example you can wear a simple silk dress (black of course) but put on a dark lipstick and suddenly your whole look becomes mysterious and elegant but also uneven, a fashion style i adore. be beautiful but be broken, be smooth but be rough. that is something only woman can do so we should do it!





and while i did my visual research for this post i also stumpled upon this "old" movie with one of my alltime favourite actress during the 90s, WINONA RYDER and one of my ever all time favourite actor of all time DANIEL DAY LEWIS.


the movie i'm refering to is called THE CRUCIBLE. it's about the salem witch trails which are also really interesting so if you haven't heard about them you can easily inform yourself here

but now after this much real life input lets see how we can transfer those ideas of a modern witch coven inspiret look into dollywood fashion. 


when it comes to use of color everything is about black. a good modern witch look is a look dominated by black. you can use other colors but only to create a decent contrast.


searching through my medolls wardrobe i found lots of things which would fit perfectly for a modern witch coven look. maybe that's because my medoll closet is dominated mainly by black fabrics, sheer gowns, maxi skirts and overzied sweaters. so i think those a the central pieces for this look. you can easily start with some black basics (stop by the BASIC shop, the new collection has a black and white theme) without spending to much of your hard earned stardollars but i strongly recommend a really elegant and long couture dress (like the SONIA RYKIEL dress you can see in the picture above). it's necessary to be  at least a little dramatic and you can't be dramatic without a long, sexy, mysteriously looking gown. 


accessories are always the key to an indivudal look, if your whole outfit is suppost to tell a story, the accessories are always the dirty little detail everybody want's to hear about. without those your story would be boring wouldn't it? you can dare yourself to some excentrical pieces like the LE fur hat, keep things simple but excting using for example the SONIA RYKIEL hold-up socks or choose the romantic version and put some dark flowers on your head. whatever you do try to use black and silver objects. 

and to try all the things i just said / written about, i went ahead an styled some outfits. sorry for the hairstyle of my doll (i kind of think it's a bit to rock n roll for this kind of look) but i'm currently not a superstar and i don't wanne change my medolls face. 


this look is inspired by the AMERICAN HORROR STORY character zoe benson (TAISSA FARMIGA). her style is in a way simple but also very elegant and you can also see that after all she still is a teenager. 

this look is another example of how i would dress a young teenage witch but one which is a bit rebellious when it comes to fashion. i wanted to create something more rough and rock n roll. (sorry for the really bad quality of this picture) 


this look is a bit more dramatic, i layered alot of clothers here to play with the shape of my medolls "body", it kind of reminds me of a the iconic looks worn by mary kate and ashley olsen

so i think there's nothing left to say here. now it's up to you and your creativity. i hope you can use some of this to create a wonderful witch coven look inspired outfit. if you still have problems picturing the complete look i strongly recommend watching the series but if you're a person which is easily disturbed by horror content of any form you may stick to google and see what looks from the show you can find on the internet. 

so long