Cheap Monday @ Nelly.com

i've said it before i said it again NELLY.COM IS THEEE COOLEST STORE AT THE STARPLAZA (and yes those capital letters mean that i'm screaming).

if you still don't really know what i'm writing about you should visit SD as fast as you can because the SD team seems to have some what of a good phase. after rereleasing the tingeling halloween shop today i found a new NELLY.COM floor espacially for CHEAP MONDAY. if you visited this blog before you may noticed my obsession for skandinavian fashion lables so you may understand why i'm so glad about finally having on of those brands in the plaza but enough said / written for now...



i bought alot and i mean aaaaalot. i won't tell you any numbers because it's way to insane but i can asure you i went nuts. above you can see a look which contains a few things of my shopping experience ... 

the brand CHEAP MONDAY is worth checking out because it is something not only your doll can wear. my "real life" closet is full of cheap monday clothes and it's kind of wierd (but the good wierd) that my doll now owns a bunch of things by this brand aswell.

so long



behind this picture you will find a nice outfit review, its written in german but the blog is worth a look anyway / hinter diesem bild findet ihr eine nette outfit review und einen neuen sehr gut gestalteten blog also nehmt euch die zeit und schaut mal vorbei ... 

so long