to update this little AD, the huge is no longer correct. i sold so many things but some pieces are still waiting for you guys and for those of you who may missed out on my little big sale i can promise you there will be another one just make sure to check my bazaar every once in a while. 

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2 for 1

hey guys i know i did it again ... weeks are passing buy and still nothing new on this side (sight) lazy me is so soooorry. yes i promised 2 new get the look posts but to be honest i'm not really satisified with those 2  so you'll have to wait a bit longer. but i have something special for you to make the waiting less boring. in this post i will show you 2 little get the look styles ok lets cut to the chase


i'm pretty sure you already now about this great movie as it was pretty big in the news even before it arrived at the theaters (maybe because those two little disney bitches) and even though the reviews were really not that good i was very impressed by it (but i also liked tree of life maybe i'm strange movie fan with a bad taste???) so in order to understand this little get the look you should either watch this trailer or the complete movie. oh and one little fun fact: the director of SPRING BREAKERS also has written the script of the movie KIDS.

creating an orginal spring breaker look isn't difficult at all but there are a few things to consider the most important being: as sexy as possible, as much neon as possible and never forget the bikini.

for my spring breaker look i took the hairstyle of CUTTY and mixed it with a neon bikini bra and some sexy hotpants. don't use high heels this an all sneaker look. i would choose some nice nike shoes or other colorful sneaker you can find in your medolls wardrobe and if you like you can also use some neon make up but as the girls all had a very basic nude make up thats not really necessary (i did anyway haha). thats all you need to know about this look and btw i would have loved to show you a stardoll version of the ALIEN look but SD just hasn't the right goods to create this iconic look.


spring break forever bitches


i have to admit this hurts a little but i'll do anything for my wonderful readers. i thought as summer is getting closer and the COACHELLA just took place (COACHELLA once again without me. yes this is the painful thing ... aaaaaaah) why not show you how to dress when you want to express your freedom and rock the shit out of everything (basically all you do being on a festival).

i show you two looks inspired by two of the best festivals in the world. the COACHELLA and the GLASTENBURY . for all of you who never visited a festival you should know that your clothes are going to be tortured. it's hot and cold so you should always pack for both high and low temperatures. don't pack your most expensicve jeans and that super cool designer dress as again the clothes you're wearing are the only things standing between you and blood, sweat, tears, alcohol, mud, water and many other things. but we're talking about SD looks so weather isn't really important and nothing is going to get dirty so we can use everything nevermind if free things or super expensive LE stuff but i think it's important to have those above "real-life rules" in mind as those rules have a big influence on how you dress while enjoying the time of your life (i loooove festivals so everytime i visit one it actually is the time of my life ...)


i hope you plan on visiting a festival this summer i myself are definitly going to and i think we reached the end of this post ... i hope i could inspire you all a little bit.

so long


Get Ready (UPDATE)

credit for this picture goes to USD

grap all the things you can throw them in your bazaar and hope you can sell as many as possible or just top up your stardollar and save them because ... LE IS COMING and it's going to be amazing! i normly don't use this blog for news regarding SD but this time i have to tell my wonderful readers about this LE. 
when i saw the spoilers at USD i was so excited i just peed a little (:D) of course it may can be that my expectations on SD are so low that it doesn't take much to impress me anymore but that would mean i ... ... ... lost my ... .... taste in fashion (*nooooooohoooo*) and i highly doubt that so here are the spoilers for you so you can make up your own mind:

thanks to USD for these two pictures

i can't stop looking at these pictures i keep finding things i need to have ... there is only one more thing tosay say ... if you have nothing else to do (and i really mean nothing ) you can glue yourself infront of your computer and wait for this LE it to come out ... because missing out on this collection would reeeally suck!


yes haul i recently discovered this kind of thing on youtube and when i thought about my last
  LE/ANTIDOTE posts i do exactly the same thing so why not call it ... HAUL

so it's there the new LE and i took my chance and bought the hell out of this collection because it's fucking awsome ... before i will tell you my honest opinion about this LE collection i would like to show you the things i choosed buying.

as you can see i bought alot. usually when i shop at the LE store i buy 3 or 2 pieces and a few accessoires but this time i bought much more simply because this LE was a good one. i wouldn't call it perfect because we still have this pink things and cheesy stuff no one in their right mind would buy and the prices are too high but these are my allday complainings and besides them we have a solid collection which is wearabel, has its highlights and some glamour all in all a very good combination. 

my absoulte favourites are the black moto jacket and the mint dress, when i saw those 2 thinks at the spoilers it was love at first sight and i'm very glad that i got the chance to buy them. 


the first two pictures were taken during DIORs spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection. for me those shiny dresses are the best thing about this collection and its great to find one or two of them in this LE store. (of course i will update this post in case i found more real life versions) the last one is DSQUARED2 spring 2013 and if you check out the complete collection you may also come to the conclusion SD got inspired by all those gold chains and also put them into this LE collection.

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no missunderstanding there is no harrods sale on plaza anymore. the harrods stores have left the building and now everyone is able to sell the things they might regret buying somehow. i have looked throughy my medolls closet and found surprisingly much harrods clothes i would like to sell. however this little post is for all my readers how may are interested in buying. it would make me very happy if some of you could swing by my bazaar and see if there is someting after your fancy.

so long