Saint Laurent ! (UPDATE)

you guys it's so freaking amzing ... SAINT LAURENT FW 2013 RTW COLLECTION will find it's way into our little starplaza. i could cry like a 14 year old girl at a justin bieber concert, sorry for using this awful piece of shit as an example (meaning bieber not the poor 14 year old gir) but it comes close to the excitment i'm feeling regarding the arrival of the third tribute store during this holiday season: saint laurent. you may think why is she this crazy about it and why saint laurent hasen't she forgot a word there. no i haven't since (you fashionistas may already know) HEDI SLIMANE (took over the creative lead) the YVES form YVES SAINT LAURENT got delted (i know it has been a total freak out about it in the fashion world) and i'm crazy because this collection is just bonkers (positive). when i first clicked through this collection i nearly collapsed infront of my laptop. i haven't seen any grunge inspired collection this awsome since the one marc jacobs did in 1992. but take a look at it yourself (if you haven't already stumbeld upon it).







Just a few pieces from a wonderful collection, if you're interested please take a minute to check out the complete collection at style.com. yes i know those clothes are way to expensive for most of us but this collection also is a huge inspiration for a individual edgy look. 

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the tribute has now arrived at the store. since i'm a huge SAINT LAURENT fan and also really love HEDI SLIMANES work (it's insane i adore him like crazy) i bought ALOT (!!!).


this tribute isn't bad, i even dare myself to say it's good but (sorry) if you compare the tribute collection with the one it's based on i have to admit it is kind of dissapointing. there are many pieces which SD recreated poorly and some essentials weren't even in the store to beginn with. (the flower printed dresses or the leather jackets). sd had the chance to recreate a wonderful collection and only used 50 %. however there are still many many many things which will be very usefull to make your medolls wardrobe even more edgy and unique. as a collector i always try to pick the things which i think will have the most value in the SD future. if you want to shop the same way you need to buy as much as you can and if you haven't enough sd try to buy elegant and simple things because those are most likely to be very popular in the future. my personal highlight from this collection are the bags (all of them are simply amazing) and the YSL punk boots (3th pictur, black boots). if you want to save money try to concentrate on the accescorize. 

at the end this store was a nice surprise for me and i was glad to be able to buy this many things from it but SD please try to stick at least a little bit more to the original clothes otherwise why call those stores "tributes".

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Soooo Sorry

hey i'm so sorry for not being active for almost 2 months. it's just that i started art school and i'm as busy as i haven't been for a long time. right now i'm making a bunch of new expirences every day and meeting so many new people.

but there was a time when i felt lost and lonely and my firends and family couldn't give me the stability i needed that's when i found SD and every time my life was a bit too messy i could take a little break at my place at "dollywood". don't get me wrong i still had a life outside of SD which ment alot to me and i kept working to reach my goal of getting into artschool. a goal i finaly achieved and i want to not only be a good student i want to be the best i can be. that means i need to work alot which leads me to my next point. i don't want to leave SD nor do i want to close this blog but i have to concentrate on my work right now. the only way how to do this blog thing and keeping up on my work for school is to limit the blog posts down to a total of one post each month. i can't really set a date so if you want to know when a new post is on it's way make sure to check A_Horrors suitpresentation.

ok so the one post per month starts january and for now i have some words about the latest tributes. as christmas is on its way SD has opend another tribute season. i have to say i like those tributes alot. of course all the clothes in the plaza are inspired by high fashion lables but the clothes from the tribute stores seems to be a bit closer to the original clothes.

chanel and valentino are the first two tribute store which have been released so far and both seem to be not so bad. the prices are tribute standart. the graphic qualtiys are way better than some of the older tribute. chanel may shows a lack of good accesoireses comparing to valentino. the only really bad thing about the valentino collection is the fact that you can't remove the belts from the dresses. so if you just like the belt you can't buy it without the dress atteched to it.

below are some pictures from chanels fall 2013 haute couture collection which (i think) was the collection which the tribute stor seems to be based on. so i hope you enjoyed this post and you will have a wonderful time during the holiday season. 



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Cheap Monday @ Nelly.com

i've said it before i said it again NELLY.COM IS THEEE COOLEST STORE AT THE STARPLAZA (and yes those capital letters mean that i'm screaming).

if you still don't really know what i'm writing about you should visit SD as fast as you can because the SD team seems to have some what of a good phase. after rereleasing the tingeling halloween shop today i found a new NELLY.COM floor espacially for CHEAP MONDAY. if you visited this blog before you may noticed my obsession for skandinavian fashion lables so you may understand why i'm so glad about finally having on of those brands in the plaza but enough said / written for now...



i bought alot and i mean aaaaalot. i won't tell you any numbers because it's way to insane but i can asure you i went nuts. above you can see a look which contains a few things of my shopping experience ... 

the brand CHEAP MONDAY is worth checking out because it is something not only your doll can wear. my "real life" closet is full of cheap monday clothes and it's kind of wierd (but the good wierd) that my doll now owns a bunch of things by this brand aswell.

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behind this picture you will find a nice outfit review, its written in german but the blog is worth a look anyway / hinter diesem bild findet ihr eine nette outfit review und einen neuen sehr gut gestalteten blog also nehmt euch die zeit und schaut mal vorbei ... 

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Dolce and Gabbana @ Pretty n Pink

i know it's only been a few days since the latest LE was droped like a bomb right into the plaza but to be honest i totally missed it (yeah i know silly-being-busy-with-real-life me). at the time i logged in everything was already gone and on top of that i'm not superstar right now so i wouldn't be able to buy stuff anyway. i deeply apologize for not doing a LE review for this collection but i simply have no motivation in doing one (show some mercy please). to make it up to my dearest readers i took some time to at least post about something else and if i'm lucky some of you may not even be into all this LE hype appreciating some fresh of topic content.

what do you think about the italian based fashion house DOLCE & GABBANA run by the famous duo DOMENICO DOLCE and STEFANO GABBANA? for a really long time i personally wasn't a fan of the brand at all. the main reason for this was the unfortunate fact that everytime i thought about DOLCE & GABBANA a picture of a snobbish, blond stuck up bitch wearing a D&G jeans, DOLCE & GABBANA sunglasses and a fendi handbag (sorry i really don't like fendi) popped into my head but a while ago my opinion of this very famous fashion house changed mainly because of the collection you can admire below and maybe because i started to take a closer look at the brand after seeing this (mind blowing) collection ...

 (all taken from style.com)

those pictrures were made at the 2013 fall/winter ready to wear show of DOLCE & GABBANE a collection wich simply left me speechless. all this elegance and feminity and power and luxury and and and ... i could go on forever. 

the even better thing is that it's possible to purchase some pieces from this exact collection for my
doll (and your doll of course) 

the sonoma dress is no longer avalible at the plaza (sorry) but there are some other dresses which are also inspired by DOLCE & GABBANA which you can easily get from the plaza but i think the sonoma dress is worth searching for at the bazaar (and i don't think the price for this dress is very high) ... 

with the fall air dress waiting at the plaza you can still get your fashion addict hands on some virtual dolce and gabbana elegance and for those of you who arn't that fashion addicted but still kind of liking the concept of the collection you can also purchase something nice, little and cheap ...


just 57 $c is what you have to pay to get a dolce and gabbana inspired little bag for your medolls wardrobe. i think that's a fair price (for SD standarts). 

i hope i could inform you about a hidden starplaza treasure you may overlooked so far or maybe you had the same bad opinion about dolce and gabbana and i could show you how wonderful their work actually is or you still don't like it and don't really care about this whole damn post (?) everything works for me. 

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Get The Look (Garage Punk)

so you like to look dangerous, to be edgy, to feel msireable and look like you traveld the world but overall you like the color (which isn't really a color) black. then my dear friend this GET THE LOOK post is going to be just what you've been looking for.

blackrebel motorcycle club, the kill, the black keys or the horrors are just a few bands whose music you could call garage punk music. and the key to a really nice garage punk look is pretty much dressing up like those bands. in this GET THE LOOK post the music is our fashion muse and lets be honest fashion and music are like a really annoying couple of lovebirds means you won't get one without the other.

moodboard - garage punk

this moodboard comes along a bit bloody, rough, dark and violent but that's exactly how this whole style works. i think if you're not really listening to the list of bands i mentioned above you may will face some problems achieving this style but don't go away maybe you found some inspiration anyway (think positive you know). i mean almost every style i presented in my get the look posts isn't easy to create if you have a lack of passion for the style itself. maybe that's why you always should dress like you want to and not to impress some people you may consider being "cool kids". it sounds cheesy but fucking be yourself. however i'm pretty sure the people on the pictures below (helping me to show you guys how the real garage punk can look like) are truly dress like they want to and maybe that's what makes them special.


ALICE DELLAL is someone who has the ability to make this style work. she is one of my all time favourit style icons (next to CHLOE SEVIGNEY, AGYNESS DEYN and a wonderful fahsion blogger called nadia baiyley).  



i'm a music freak, i listen to as much music as i can and maybe that's why i have the feel this looks comes natrual to me. i think about a song and within a few seconds my doll is dressed. i love using black or grey, spikes, leather, hats and biker boots for my medolls looks and those are center pieces for a original and good garage punk look. don't get me wrong i also love do dress my medoll in other styles aswell but i need more time for those looks and i have to think a bit harder to create them.

and even though SD offers the FALLEN ANGEL store for all the users having a "heavier" taste in fashion, the kind of clothes you need to create a solid garage punk look are not so easy to find. i think garage punk fashion is a mixutre of the following fashion styles: grunge, goth and punk. garage punk fashion takes the parts of those styles which are a bit more calm and not so extreme putting them together in a complete new way. which is is exactly the problem when it comes to finding the right clothes at the plaza. SD overacts most of the time so you have to pick the items who seem to be wearable but edgy and wearable but edgy is almost non exisitent at the plaza. but thanks to the latest BONJOUR BIZU collection you we don't necesarrily have to go to the bazaar at least not to buy some basic edgy material.

above you can see some clothes which would fit perfectly into a garage punk look. you may notice that most of those clothes are black i think if you like to use colors this look isn't really something for you. black should be the center of attention. of course you can use some color but i would strongly recommend to use darker colors like forest green, or a very dark blood red. if you want to spice things up feel free to combine the basic black attire with some patterns or prints (like those you can see above) but you should always try to be modest means if you use paterns they should be simple and the same goes for prints.

ok now that we have seen some real life garage punk looks, talked about all the must haves and the essentials of the style. i think it's time to see how a complete look can look on your doll. for me this look has different outcomes, even though you mostly concentrate on being onconetial you can always choose which way your look should have.

for all the girls how like the basic idea of an edgy look
but don't really wanne look to punk rock. 

  just because garage punk seems to be kind of a mascouline look 
(wiht all the black, the boots and bandshirts) 
you still can look feminin and sexy if you want to. 

 this look is a bit messy but in a street fashion way. so why not try it sometime.

so this is it! i told you all that you need to know about this style and i'm pretty sure you are going to use all my little tips to create your own special version of a unique garagepunk look.
to set the mood so you can get as creative as possible i made a little mixtape including some of the music i mentioned during this post but i have to warn you this music is a bit more raw and rough ...

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