with my little eye ... something truly greatful something which is some kind of my wardropes heart ok i have to explain this:  there are some lables which i can't live without. my everyday life wouldn't be possible without them because those lables are creating such elegant and casual fashion which fit's in every situation nevermind if you're just take a walk through the streets, meet your family for dinner, or if you go out clubbing with your friends and those lables are: american apparel, monki, gina tricot, acne, urban outfitters and ....

... the fashion victims among my readers may already guessed the name of the brand ... yes it's cheap monday and the shirt above is part of the newest spoilers which means a cheapmonday logo shirt will pretty soon be avaliable at starplaza ... haha isn't that great! yes i know it is!

here we have the real life version of course a bit different but the SD version is as good as this one i think. funny fact is i own this shirt in real life (in black and in white) and now my doll is getting one too a bit spooky and strange but i like spooky and strange things.  if you wan't this shirt you can buy it here and if you have a weekday store in your town you can get cheap monday stuff there too.

and if you can check out the new nelly.com store, you can find some really nice clothes there BUT i warn you i bought alot there and not all of the clothes appeared in my sui.t i hope SD will fix this problem soon. so you may just check the store out an purchase the clothes a bit later when this glitch is fixed and don't worry i haven't forgot about the get the look minimalism post i'm still working on it stay tuned for this one but for now ...


as you can see on the picture the shirt has been released! and now the not so great thing about this reeeeeeally great shirt ... the price. if you want to be the owner of this nice tee you have to pay 15$ i think everyone needs to decide for oneself if the shirt is worth this much money. for me it totally is and if you came to the same conclusion you can find the shirt behind the first door of the nelly.com holiday calender.

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LE Fall Winter 2012

there was a slide smile on my face logging into SD and stumble over a brand new LE collection. when the gift-o-meter was finally gone i knew a fresh and new LE store will open it's doors any minute (and for those who still thing "what a supries a new LE collection i haven't see that one coming because ther were no spoilers and stuff." anytime a gift-o-meter is released a new LE shop is opening a few days after the gift-o-meter is over) and see i was right. the other reason why i was just in a good mood was because the collection must have been released just a few minutes before i got home so i could grap all the things i liked. 


i think this LE collection is going get 6 out of 10. its a collection with a few really nice things (like the cat ear sparkle tiara) and some clothes who aren't really my style but i think will be selling fast (like the leopard peplum minidress). all in all it's definitely more wearable comparing to the last LE colletion. the prices seem normaly ridiculous which means we should be used to those expesive LE prices but i have to say i have the feeling this collection seems to be a bit less expensive. however i would like to say there still is the color problem i would have preferd to see less pink and more "adult colors" like white, dark blue, dark green and grey which are appropriate colors for a fall/winter collection.

from my shopping bag:

 limited edition sweatshirt (55$) and white paillette top (80$)

peach overlay skirt (70$) and leopard bow blouse (75$)

i have to say my favourite piece of all the clothes i bought is the grey limited edition sweater. i really like this chunky look which makes it perfectly for tight hotpant. i'm sure with this sweater you can create casual elegant outfits.

1. tiger bronze belt (40$) 2. leopard crossover stachel (55$) and sunnies on the go (35$) 
3. cat ear sparkle tiara (65$) 4. LE leopard tipped hair

of course the cat ear tiara is a highlight of the complete collection i haven't really figuered out how to use this but i'm pretty sure it's going to be part of my medolls x-mas outfit. 

 daphne wedges (40$)

 leopard tipped stilletos (55$)

from all the things the new LE collection has to offer the shoes are really  disappointing. most of shoes are way to cheesy for my taste ... some of you may like it but i think it's always good to handle leopard patterns carefully as they can easly look cheap but with the tipped stilletos i think everyone is on the save side not only do they look wilde there is a hint of elegant sexyness too. 


cat ear sparkle tiara by asos

tiger bronze belt and leopard bow blouse original made by lavin 

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Coming Soon

stay tuned!


And Again

the NYMPH ATTIRE family has adopted another member. 

the rookie blog of VOGUE.RUBY is out there waiting for you guys to help you with your outfits and informing you about all the things going on in our little dollywood. the author and owner vogue.ruby is always trying to find a way sharing her style with her reades. so if you searching for some nicely wirtten style tips visit our new partner in crime VINTAGE STARDOLL.

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a good organised blog is important to keep your readers happy and this blog was far to long a good looking mess (haha!). so i decided to clean my room a bit that simply means i added some more sites to the blog. i'm pretty sure you already noticed the new sites bar under my header. i needed some time organise those new blog features and now you can simply click on the "get the look" site and ta-dah there you'll find all the get the look posts i wrote so far and get inspired. i hope you like this new feature and will have even more fun while visiting my little blog.

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